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Organic Pomegranate

Red, juicy, sweet, and luscious – just some of the adjectives that would come to mind when you think of a pomegranate.

Our farm-fresh pomegranates are brought directly to you, allowing you to enjoy the natural goodness of this power-packed fruit.

From natural fiber to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, there is so much that the humble pomegranate can offer you.

Use our certified organic pomegranates in your salads or make a juice using the gorgeous little red pearls!

Disclaimer: All our fruits are sourced from certified organic farms. This ensures a better quality product; however, they might not look uniform or could have marks on the outside.

In addition, our sourcing is based on seasonality, which means that certain fruits might not be available all year long.

Please note that fresh fruits will be billed as per the actual weight at the time of the order getting processed. 

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